Welcome to American Franchise Sales, the only firm dedicated to selling your existing Franchise Business.  

As a previous corporate insider, I know what it takes to sell your existing franchise business and get the deal approved by your franchisor. Yes, I spent years behind the corporate veil of the big brands and have sold many existing operating locations.  I have worked on projects that have been franchisee owned / operated, corporate owned / operated or even closed locations that needed to be revitalized.  I have also worked with selling out large area development agreements and multi unit operations. 

As a long term franchise business owner are you ready to discuss a successful succession plan before a fire sale? Now is the time to put a plan into place and have the financials reflect the change.  You should plan to sell out when you are on the top of the game and get the highest possible valuation.  We are specialists trained in exit planning and wealth transfer plans.  We know what it takes to get your business under contract, get the buyer SBA financing or Bank financing, negotiate long term leases and complete the requirements of your franchisor prior to recognizing the sale.

If you have to sell immediately because of a death in the family, divorce, disability or a long term illness lets act quickly before the business runs into turmoil. If you have tried to sell your business in the past and have failed. You have tried to use family, a manager or thru a broker that does not know the corporate inside tricks of the franchise system, contact us today.

If you are looking to be a franchise business buyer and get into franchising, we are the firm that has the right opportunities.  If you are an existing operator and want to expand in your brand, we are the firm to with an exclusive priority hot list. If you want to expand your portfolio from Auto repair franchise and incorporate Pizza franchise, Sub sandwich, Massage or QSR franchise into your portfolio or any combination, we have an exclusive proprietary list of opportunities.  If you are a family office or private equity group, we have multi unit opportunities with several major brands open with management teams in place.